VESSEL TYRES is a new and exciting concept for tyre fitment centres and tyre sales using unique models to satisfy our clients and customers/consumers, VESSEL TYRES aims to offer products and services at affordable costs by leveraging on low overhead costs. Customers/Consumers benefit affordable on products from drastically reduced nonvalue add activities.

“VESSEL TYRES” Franchise is an organised and professionalised container operation equipped with all the relevant machinery to offer high quality services to customers. The operation is privileged through quick setup lead time and mobility that can be exercised whenever the need arises. From our market research, we know that the demand for tyres and tyre repairs is inevitable and it is products/services automotive Owners cannot do without.

“VESSEL TYRES” Tyre Sales Model seeks to involve and empower employed and unemployed extra ordinary individuals who are looking to build and sustain a business in the tyre industry by becoming a Vessel Tyres Sales Agent; build and manage your own sales team and earn income on every tyre sale at your leisure time. Customer/consumers are able to acquire different types of brands of their preference at affordable prices.

Company Vision

Vessel Tyres seeks to establish a nationwide foot print in the non-organized market which will result in developing young entrepreneurs and creating employment for the youth across the country. We buy tyres directly from manufacturers thus allowing to offer competitive prices to our customers. Selling good quality tyres and offering exceptional services

Business background:

Vessel Tyres was started as a container based tyre fitment centre in the East Rand of Gauteng in January 2016. The success of the proof of concept operation has then inspired the need to franchise the business. The POC operations was able to demonstrate steady growth within 12 months of operating and capable of generating R500 000 annual turnover on the Micro business model. Annual turnover can however be drastically increased by other franchise packages such as Meso, Exo and Marco options, which include car wash and alignment bay over and above the micro option. The POC employs 2 Tyre Fitment Fitters, and an inventory system that allows for efficient business operation.


  • The business is based on a unique business model that has not been penetrated around the targeted operational areas.
  • There’s no direct competition, current competitors are non-organized
  • The business will use globally recognised high quality machinery that will guarantee good service to the customers
  • Associated with global drive brands
  • The business is well branded and this will also act as a form of advertising our brands and ultimately the business itself